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Emollient Bug   -  A softener
Felicity Bug   -  Pleasantness
Lilit Bug  -  To move musically or lively



" ... so we'd again have to "render,"
in going our separate ways.
And even in letting the matter drop...
... but separation is in itself already,
in the word, in the letter, in the pair,
the opening of the secret.
Its name indicates this ... "
J. Derrida - The Truth In Painting
  The division in the context of this work corresponds to Derrida's restitution (loss without the missing part). 
It exists as an assumption but is not faithfully conducted. It represents an attempt to return to a sensed 
pre (historic) state rather than a description of any biological facts. 
The division in this instance has served as a training prothesis in an exercise of losing control gradually.
By losing a part of itself that it produced in the first place, the seed is not in return cut short for it. 
It allows that part to evolve and to keep repeating its inborn principal in a way that is not necessarily 
the seed's original way. 
By giving up on its own completeness it secures its space in an emerging, further evolving entity. By letting go 
its primary manners (predictability) or simply by not insisting on them, the seed allows the formation of the new laws, 
it allows change and unpredictability of the growth. Entities that developed as genetical and social products 
keep repeating the inborn/adopted principal but they have the right of choice if only they awake awareness for one. 
They metamorphose without altering that common 'seed'. All that surrounds the seed, covers it, points it out 
and rotates it... it appears and it disappears forming its appearances, its variations.
  What I call the seed is the unaltering, constant component of a complex whole - the species.
The work is an unfinished metaphor for the pursuit of the seed of the species.


Between Black and White

"I'll be modest, between black and white there is nothing"
 Mario Kolaric


This is the artwork from a young lad  Mario Kolaric... And of course that i have put here ones that i like the best. 
But if you decide to see more of his work you will find out that his words "between black and white there is nothing" 
you shouldn't take so literally...
- You can also find him on the Facebook under the name Sretan Bor (Happy Pine).


Cella + Jacques Prévert = ♥

Quartier Libre - Jacques Prévert  

I put my cap in the cage
and went out with the bird on my head
one no longer salutes
asked the commanding officer
one no longer salutes
replied the bird
Ah good
excuse me I thought one saluted
said the commanding officer
You are fully excused everybody makes mistakes
said the bird.
Jacques Prévert - (born Feb. 4, 1900, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France — died April 11, 1977, Omonville-la-Petite)
French poet and screenwriter. A shop worker, he began writing after his military service. 
Influenced by the Symbolist movement, he renewed the ancient tradition of oral poetry, 
creating "song poems" about Paris street life, collected in the anthology Words (1945). 
Many were put to music and became extremely popular. His excellent screenplays for 
Marcel Carné include The Children of Paradise (1945), Spectacle (1951), and Things and Other Things (1972).


Growing is Forever They Whispered...

"Growing is Forever" by Jesse Rosten and written by Kallie Markle

" I have a deep affection for the Redwood forests of Northern California. 
This is my best attempt to capture the reverence I feel when in the presence 
of these slumbering giants. 
My friend Kallie wrote this after our group’s annual camping trip to the coast. 
The words were too beautiful to ignore." by Jesse Rosten


International Spring Summit Of Cheap Laser Graphics; Belgrade

I've been invited to participate in 
The Third International Spring Summit Of Cheap Laser Graphics, Belgrade, Serbia.
And I did -  because i liked the whole idea :-) 

They say;  " The aim of this event is to gather creative people from the area of design, 
visual communications, architecture and other ancient skills as well as to ruthlessly promote 
their work outside of their usual guilds’s borders. The concept of the exhibition is the 
reproduction of works on standard office paper, size A4 by printing with the laser printer 
in black and white technique. All the works, independently of the author, are on sale 
at the same price – the whole 100 dinars (approximately 1 euro)."

This event will feature between 120 and 150 young artists and designers from all over the world.
After the Belgrade exhibition The Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics starts its regional tour!




United Colors Of Chairs


 Anita Celic Cella for Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Michael Thonet and Charles&Ray Eames.



Yes, these are my drawings of famous Eames chairs. 
 You can find them in my Etsy shop! ;D


Honey Bees Since Time Began

The birth of bees:
Ancient Greeks believed that bees were born spontaneously from animal corpses.
In the texts of ancient Egypt, bees were born from the tears of Râ, the Sun God. When the tears 
fell onto the soil, they were transformed into bees that built honeycombs and produced honey.

Bee symbolism:
As organizers of the universe between earth and sky, bees symbolize all vital principles and embody 
the soul. In the Greek religion, the bee was sometimes identified with Demeter,
the goddess of the earth and crops, who represented the soul sent to hell.
The bee also symbolizes the soul that flies away from the body in the Siberian,
Central Asian and South American Indian traditions. 
Bees also symbolize eloquence, speech and intelligence.
In Hebrew, the word for bee, Dbure, has its origins in the word Dbr, speech.
They settled on the mouth of the child, Plato, " announcing the sweetness of his enchanting soul "
(Pliny) and also settled also on the lips of Saint Ambrose, the patron-saint of beekeepers.
According to Virgil, they have a grain of divine intelligence and the famous Pythia, 
the priestess of Apollo, was called "the bee of Delphi".
In some texts from India, the bee represents the spirit becoming intoxicated with the 
pollen of knowledge.
Because of its honey and its sting, the bee is considered to be an emblem of Christ:
it represents his mildness and mercy on one side and his justice on the other.
In the sacred texts of East and West, milk and honey flow like a stream through the promised land.
Honey designates supreme bliss and the state of Nirvana. Symbol of all sweetness,
the honey of knowledge creates the happiness of mankind.  
In modern psychoanalytical thinking, honey symbolizes the "higher self",
the ultimate consequence of work on one's inner self.

Vanishing of the Bees:
The bee population of North America and Europe is now in serious decline, 
which threatens disaster to our food crops as they are dependent upon the bees to pollinate them.
The increase of commercial agriculture with its use of pesticides and destruction of wild plants and flowers
upon which the bees forage upon contributed to this problem.
Since this nearly year-long investigation first began, thousands of beekeepers around the globe have 
come out of the bee yard and admitted to the same problem, with some reporting losses of more than
90 percent of their colonies.
And there are no dead bees to be found.

So why are the bees dying now? 
This question merits a lengthy and well thought out response which covers massive
differences of opinion among scientists, farmers, beekeepers and government agencies.
With this crisis comes an opportunity for growth and change.
As the bees die, some people are exacting more sustainable approaches to living.
Biodynamic and organic farming are on the rise and a host of alternative beekeeping methods
are coming into fruition...

... So learn, take action and drive change.

Vanishing Of The Bees - Chapter4

- the HIVE -




Beautiful Flickering...

Schubert : Impromptu In G Flat, D899 No. 3.