" ... so we'd again have to "render,"
in going our separate ways.
And even in letting the matter drop...
... but separation is in itself already,
in the word, in the letter, in the pair,
the opening of the secret.
Its name indicates this ... "
J. Derrida - The Truth In Painting
  The division in the context of this work corresponds to Derrida's restitution (loss without the missing part). 
It exists as an assumption but is not faithfully conducted. It represents an attempt to return to a sensed 
pre (historic) state rather than a description of any biological facts. 
The division in this instance has served as a training prothesis in an exercise of losing control gradually.
By losing a part of itself that it produced in the first place, the seed is not in return cut short for it. 
It allows that part to evolve and to keep repeating its inborn principal in a way that is not necessarily 
the seed's original way. 
By giving up on its own completeness it secures its space in an emerging, further evolving entity. By letting go 
its primary manners (predictability) or simply by not insisting on them, the seed allows the formation of the new laws, 
it allows change and unpredictability of the growth. Entities that developed as genetical and social products 
keep repeating the inborn/adopted principal but they have the right of choice if only they awake awareness for one. 
They metamorphose without altering that common 'seed'. All that surrounds the seed, covers it, points it out 
and rotates it... it appears and it disappears forming its appearances, its variations.
  What I call the seed is the unaltering, constant component of a complex whole - the species.
The work is an unfinished metaphor for the pursuit of the seed of the species.



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