International Spring Summit Of Cheap Laser Graphics; Belgrade

I've been invited to participate in 
The Third International Spring Summit Of Cheap Laser Graphics, Belgrade, Serbia.
And I did -  because i liked the whole idea :-) 

They say;  " The aim of this event is to gather creative people from the area of design, 
visual communications, architecture and other ancient skills as well as to ruthlessly promote 
their work outside of their usual guilds’s borders. The concept of the exhibition is the 
reproduction of works on standard office paper, size A4 by printing with the laser printer 
in black and white technique. All the works, independently of the author, are on sale 
at the same price – the whole 100 dinars (approximately 1 euro)."

This event will feature between 120 and 150 young artists and designers from all over the world.
After the Belgrade exhibition The Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics starts its regional tour!

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