Anatomy of a (rain)Drop _ part01

 " Rain is a natural process that holds many different emotions and forms the basis of many legends, 
but its main symbolic meanings are rebirth, sadness or cleansing. 
In cultures where not much rain existed, rain symbolically meant life and re-birth. 
In a modern urban society, rain is often seen as an irritant or hindrance. 
It darkens the sky and makes the sun disappear, so emotionally, rain symbolises darkness, depression, 
misery and frustration. However, rain can also symbolise cleansing. Walks through the rain 
are not medically advised, but often it seems that walking through rain when one is sad can help 
clear one's mind and help sorrows (symbolically) be washed away.
This once again, re-confirms the symbolic meaning of re-birth in rain. "


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