Lady Budapest


At the end of the November my boyfriend and I went to visit lovely lady Budapest. We were very charmed  
by it's grand past and beauty and in the same time touched by it's sad memories and scars...
These cool vintage coffee grinders are  cleverly made installation on the Csészényi Kávézó's wall. 
Csészényi Kávézó is wonderful little caffee with the best chocolate cake that I ever tried! So if you happen 
to come to Budapest i strongly recommend to visit this place...

This is a drawing note of  river seagulls under the Chain bridge, floating on Dunabe. When river took them 
too far away from the bridge they flew back again. I don't know if this is realistic description and how true 
is it but that is how we saw it one cold night from the Széchenyi Chain Bridge itself.  :)

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