Some cOVER aRT

... So i did some cover art for my friend's band. 
I found my inspiration in vintage jazz covers.
And yes, I am pleased. And yes, so is he.   :-)

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Art Pilgrimage

Vienna, November 2013.
Albertina;  Henri Matisse and the fauvists("fauves"-"wild animals").
                  Georg Baselitz, one of the most famous contemporary German painters.
Kunsthistorisches Museum; Selected works by British portraitist Lucian Freud.

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Venezia, November 2013.
Palazzo Fortuny; “Tàpies. Lo sguardo dell’artista” / “Tàpies. The eye of the artist”. 

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Just as the language of art is silent, so it is the beauty of a painting that renders the spectator speechless. 
The uneasy silence of a man faced by a work of art is unlike any other.
Lucian Freud



Autumn Leaves

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“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.” 

― William Cullen Bryant