Willow Gathering

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"I am a willow of the wilderness,
Loving the wind that bent me."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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WOLF _ First Step/Sketching

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WOLF / Native American and Celtic custom regard Wolf as the way of find the deepest levels of self, of inner knowing and intuition.
This is symbolized by the image of the wolf howling at the moon. Native Americans have long regarded wolves as teachers or pathfinders.
The wolf, is a symbol of the night.
This time can seem lonesome and scary to us. But it is also the time when through dreams, we may discover valuable things about ourselves.
This is a lonely path. To truly come to understand yourself, you must be alone, undeterred by the beliefs, judgements and views of others.
The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self and to discover our inner power and strength. However, to achieve this, we must take
risks and face our deepest fears. Wolf requires sincerity. Though demanding a lot of us, much is given in return; a spirit helper that is
always there to help, giving us extraordinary powers of endurance. Learn to hear the voice within yourself, which in silence is as clear as
the sound of the wolf howling in the night.
Wolves mate for life. The clan has a solid social structure, in which all adults participate in the upbringing of the young. Wolves are fiercely
loyal to their mates, with a strong sense of family whilst upholding individualism. Though their clans are highly organised, they are truly
free spirits. Wolf’s medicine includes death and rebirth, facing death with dignity and courage, Spirit teaching, guidance in dreams and
meditations, instinct linked with intelligence, social and family values, steadfastness, skill in protection of self and family, outwitting enemies,
ability to pass unseen, taking advantage of change.


WHALE _ First Step /Sketching

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Whale is an ancient symbol for creation. In Jewish and Islamic spiritual texts, the whale symbolizes containment, concealment and
resurrection—as Jonah was swallowed by the whale and forced to wander in the dark of the belly for three days before being spit
back up. There comes a time for each of us when we are swallowed up by the whale and descend into our dark places. In the belly
of the whale, each of us teeter between heaven and earth, being both macrocosm and microcosm; at any instant, we could tip over
into macrocosm and enlightenment. It is in the dark night of the soul where we meet the Creator.

In modern psychotherapy, this period of containment and imprisonment symbolizes man’s descent into the darkness of his shadow
or into his Unconscious for a period of introspection and death, before being “reborn” or resurrected as a new being.